Gold & Other Metal Sculptures

Gardens, patios, balconies and verandas are some of the places that can be decorated through the use of sculptures. In addition, they can be used to decorate indoor spaces in this modern era. Sculptures come in different shapes, sizes and colours in order to suit people with different preferences, size of the room or space to be decorated and the chosen colour themes. In addition, they can be made from a number of elements such as the gold bar

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This is the most common metal used in making sculptures. Copper can adopt many colours making it desirable for many projects. In addition, it can come in different thickness which makes it easy to mould into different shapes. The differences in thickness can also help the sculptor to come up with a design that incorporates different designs. Sculptures made from copper can be simple or complicated depending on the tastes and preferences of the clients. Besides this, copper can be textured in a variety of ways.

Bronze and brass

These can adopt a number of colours making them easy to customise to the stipulated themes in different homes and offices. In addition, they have the tendency to expand albeit slights just before they set, a character that is very desirable among sculptors.

Iron and steel

Iron, being one of the most abundant element on earth, is easy to find and the prices are quite favourable. Steel on the other hand is excellent for outdoor sculptures especially in humid and hot areas where rusting is common. This is because of its stability and durability.

Precious metals

While there are sculptures that can be made from precious metals, these are very expensive and therefore out of the reach of the majority of clients. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy a sculptor that has precious metals. Sculptors can make sculptures from steel, iron, brass, bronze or any other metal and coat it with gold and other precious metals. These will be a bit cheaper than those that are entirely made from the precious metals but they will have a similar allure.

Choosing metals

One major factor that determines the choice of metal is the weather conditions of the country or state in question. Metals react differently to different weather conditions and this must be put into consideration. In addition, whether the sculpture will be used in or outdoors determines the most viable metal to use. The level of details or complication of the sculpture also plays a role in the choice of metal. You should therefore consult your sculptor before you purchase the materials that should be used for the sculpture.